Prall & Company is a small business founded in 1973. We have a total of ten employees in the Bloomington and New Castle Indiana offices. Our focus is on the world of small business and finance. Check out a few testimonials.

We are a team of accounting, business and technology professionals who help business owners and managers increase profits and generate cash. Our innovative services, training and support help your company:

As a Small Business Advocate, our owner, Fred Prall spends a great deal of time helping business owners manage their businesses making them more profitable.

Prall & Company worked under the Orr administration with the State of Indiana, Department of Labor to monitor and audit the CETA and JTPA financial and payroll systems and programs. Their major focus was that of fraud prevention. We traveled throughout the state insuring that the taxpayers funds were being used appropriately and that fraud was not occurring.

Fred gives back to the community by providing financial services for many non-profit agencies such as the Crisis Pregnancy Center, Hanna House, Habitat for Humanity in Morgan County, YMCA, and the Preservation Society just to name a few.

As founder of the Monroe County Taxpayers Association (MCTA), Fred has written numerous articles addressing a variety of taxpayers concerns regarding diligence in tax spending, private property issues, and free enterprise. Fred was instrumental in the formation of the Fire Safety Commission, an investigative branch of MCTA, which eventually led to the addition of important equipment, personnel, and many other improvements within the city.

As a lay person, Fred has consistently labored in a variety of ways to bring jobs to Bloomington and Indiana through a variety of efforts. He was a founding board member of the Indiana Statewide Certified Development Corporation (CDC). The CDC was founded to help small businesses obtain Small Business Administration (SBA) sponsored capital funding to grow their business, thus creating new jobs for Indiana. The CDC has loaned over $548 million dollars to Indiana businesses, creating in excess of 21,850 jobs.

Locally Fred worked on Tomi Allisons Blue Ribbon Commission for the City of Bloomington Planning Dept. while aiding in the creation of three hundred jobs by securing the financing of $8 million for the expansion of Bloomington based businesses.

Fred has also helped several major clients in Bloomington obtain the necessary financing to expand their businesses bring in excess of 300 jobs to Bloomington through their combined efforts.

As a private investor and developer he was responsible for renovating and developing the downtown Wicks building, preserving the historical property.

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